The Toronto Pinball and Gameroom Show

Did you know?
Gorgar, manufactured by Williams, started a sensation by being the first ever "talking" pinball machine. It had a total vocabulary of seven words : Gorgar, you, hurt, me, speaks, got, beat which were combined in different ways to make cryptic come-ons such as "me Gorgar, beat me."

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2010 Show Vendors

Vendors at the Toronto Pinball and Gameroom Exhibition

Something for everyone!


Visitors of all ages flock to the show to browse, play, haggle and buy.

Please check back often as our list of 2010 registered vendors* grows:

The Playdium Store

Pinball Is Not Dead . Com

Used parts, pinball projects, pinball manuals, Pinball 101 DVD, and lots more....

Pinball Outlet

CoinTaker - Pinball LEDs

GTA Slots
Casino Slot Machines

Replay Classic Arcade Museum
Classic Arcade Games, Pinball Machines & Auction

P&M Amusements
Classic Arcade Games

Las Vegas Slot Machines
Casino Slot Machines

Church of the Silver Ball
Pinball Machines

...and more!


Vendors & Exhibitors: We currently have a limited number of booths available to those who wish to trade or sell gameroom equipment at the show. If you're interested in selling at the show, don't wait until the last minute and miss out!

Please visit our Exhibitors page and/or contact: Nick Angel

* The final list of vendors may change without notice.

The list of vendor categories is for reference only.